Bond Cheques / Volunteering

Bond Cheques / Volunteering

All Winter Sport registrations are required to complete 2.5, 5 or 8 hours per family (depending on the program) of volunteer time towards fundraising, catering, helping with carnival, etc.

Even if you have more than 1 child registered in Winter Sports, required volunteer hours are counted per family, not per child and are based on the highest level commitment.
(eg. 2 Canskaters = 5 volunteer hours total)
(eg. 1 Canskater and 1 Senior Skater =8 volunteer hours total)

  • Kidskate - $50 Prepaid Bond Cheque Required - 2.5 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Canskate - $100 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 5 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Shooting Stars - $150 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Juniors - $150 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Seniors - $150 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Morning Ice - No Bond Cheque Required


  • If a Family wishes not to participate in volunteer hours, they may "opt" out of the program and we will keep their prepaid bond cheque.
  • Bond Cheques will be kept and recorded separately from registration cheques
  • Upon completion of the volunteer hours, Bond Cheques will be refunded on specific dates.
  • Volunteer hours can be accumulated from April 1, 2019 until March 31, 2020
  • Volunteer Hours will be tracked by the parents. Sheets will be provided and can be submitted to committee members once fulfilled.