Coaching Requirements:

Coaches require different levels of certification depending on the level of competition and the age group coached.


For more information on the certifications you need visit the NCCP Baseball site and the Provincial baseball association Baseball Ontario

Training: There is an online training for House League coaches

Links for coaches:  Coaches: includes links to drills, videos, links and resources

In 2019 Baseball Ontario will continue to subsidize the cost of each module required as part of the certification requirements at $10/module/coach.

The annual deadline to achieve the required certification is June 15th.

Coaches can register for all modules through their online profile at

Please note:

"All coaches and field managers in their very first year of coaching, will be granted an extension of one (1) calendar year to complete the required modules for their specific division, provided they complete at a minimum the following 5 courses prior to June 15th of their first year coaching:
1.Coach Initiation in Sport/Coach Initiation in Baseball (Fundamentals) (2 part online module)
2.Initiation Clinic
3.Teaching & Learning Clinic
4.Infielding Clinic
5.Hitting Clinic"

For the purposes of this exception, "very first year of coaching" shall mean has no previous NCCP baseball-specific training.

National Coaching Certification Programs

For a list of coaching clinic for the 2019 season visit the NCCP Baseball website

Coaches will not be able to attend one of these clinics until they complete the online training within the NCCP Baseball site. This online training will help coaches prepare for the on site clinics listed for each province. The online registration costs approximately $30.

It is recommended for the community level coach to have completed

Initiation Coach

The new Baseball Canada Initiation Coach program is designed to provide valuable and accessible resources and training to coaches who are introducing and continuing to work with children in community level baseball programs.

The program is comprised of two parts:

Baseball Canada's On-line Library - a complete resource to help get you started and a place to revisit often while you coach children's baseball and
Initiation Coach Clinic - a Provincial/local 4-5 hour, on-field clinic that you attend after completing the On-line Library. The clinic covers practice sessions, the fundamentals of the game and ethical decision making.
Each part of the program provides credits towards your status as a Baseball Initiation level coach.

Baseball Canada On-line Library module

On completion of this module, you will get credit for: •Select pre-designed practice plans that show flexibility for number of children, helpers, space and equipment.

Your coaching status in the Baseball Canada Initiation Coach program will be In Training Provincial/Local Initiation Coach clinic

On completion of this clinic, you will get credit for:

•Run a practice session that is fun, safe and keeps children actively engaged.
•Explain the fundamentals of a game so children understand and can successfully play in a game.
•Make ethical decisions.

Your coaching status in the Baseball Canada Initiation Coach program will be: Trained
As you progress through the program, you will receive a National Coaching Certification Program coaching card that indicates your status in the program.