2021 Baseball Update

It is 2021 and we have tackled a full year of COVID-19 and the ups and downs of a pandemic. It has been challenging to say the least but on the bright side, many of us have been given the gift of time spent at home and with our families.

Moving forward, we don't really know for sure what things will look like for sports and recreation. Last year, some sports were permitted while others were not. For BVAA (Beaver Valley Athletic Association) Baseball, we are moving forward with planning for a 2021 season using the OBA (Ontario Baseball Association) Return to Play revised 2021 guidelines. Each sport association is required to provide a Return to Play guideline and protocol for their safe return to playing sport. BVAA Baseball is in the process of reviewing and updating their protocol to align with the provincial guidelines and those of the OBA. You can share your feedback and input in the comments.

In the meantime, registration is open on the BVAA website Beaver Valley Athletic Association (bvaa.ca)

We also recommend downloading the ONDECK app and reviewing all the great resources including the OBA protocols.