BVAA Baseball Summer Program…Just a heads up

HBVAA Baseball Club summer program schedule draft i Folks,

We are passing along an update to get people thinking about their summer plans. It can be hard to juggle your family's schedule between vacations and work, and conflicts with other sports and activities, attending practices and games can be a challenge. The BVAA Baseball Coaches are working hard to determine time slots and diamond selections for the upcoming season.

Here are a few tips to help with the juggling...

  • Get help. Don't be afraid to ask for help when it's needed
  • Keep your patience. When you feel yourself losing it, stop. Take a timeout and take a breather. Keep things in perspective
  • Organization is the key... with all that equipment. Keep it all in one bag and keep it in the same spot between practices
  • Try your best to eat a well balanced meal... but splurge on not so healthy meal once in awhile. Don't feel guilty (we will share some tips for eating healthy later)
  • Check those calendars regularly. Use those handy phones to schedule games and practices and set alarms to keep you on track
  • Oh, and have fun! That's right, parents should have fun too.