Bond Cheques / Volunteering (N/A for 2020/2021 Season)

Bond Cheques / Volunteering  (N/A for 2021/2022 Season)

Special Note for 2021/22 Season

This organization is run completely with the assistance of volunteers. We will be asking for help this skating season and we expect our membership to help with required tasks. Otherwise, this program will not be able to operate.

All Winter Sport registrations are required to complete 2.5, 5 or 8 hours per family (depending on the program) of volunteer time towards fundraising, catering, helping with carnival, etc.

Even if you have more than 1 child registered in Winter Sports, required volunteer hours are counted per family, not per child and are based on the highest level commitment.
(eg. 2 Canskaters = 5 volunteer hours total)
(eg. 1 Canskater and 1 Senior Skater =8 volunteer hours total)

  • Kidskate - $50 Prepaid Bond Cheque Required - 2.5 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Canskate - $100 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 5 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Shooting Stars - $150 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Juniors - $150 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Seniors - $150 Prepaid Bond Cheque - 8 Volunteer Hours Required
  • Morning Ice - No Bond Cheque Required


  • If a Family wishes not to participate in volunteer hours, they may "opt" out of the program and we will keep their prepaid bond cheque.
  • Bond Cheques will be kept and recorded separately from registration cheques
  • Upon completion of the volunteer hours, Bond Cheques will be refunded on specific dates.
  • Volunteer hours can be accumulated
  • Volunteer Hours will be tracked by the parents. Sheets will be provided and can be submitted to committee members once fulfilled.